Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
John Agar, Greta Thyssen
In the year 2001, the United Nations sends spaceship Explorer XII with a 5-man crew to the planet Uranus on an exploratory mission; however, instead of finding a cold gaseous world, they encounter a temperate green forest peopled by several sultry women whom they've known back on Earth. Upon further investigation they discover that everything around them has been derived from their memories, all within a territory surrounded by a barrier, which leads to the true Uranus. They determine that all has been created by a higher intelligence, using them as guinea pigs, not only to explore their desires but their fears as well, in order to plan for an invasion of Earth. Now they must find a way to destroy the being before it can carry out its unwelcome plan.—Brian Washington
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