Jules and Jim (1962)

Action, Drama, Romance
Oskar Werner, Jeanne Moreau
It's the early twentieth century. Jules, an introspective Austrian, and Jim, an extroverted womanizing Frenchman, form an unlikely friendship when they meet in Paris, it based on the interests and outlook they do share such as writing, although do also embrace their differences. Inexperienced Jules falls for Catherine, a beguiling young woman prone to swings in temperament. While Jules and Catherine date, Jim is openly welcomed into many of their outings, she being a confidante to both of them. Jules and Catherine eventually do marry and have a daughter, Sabine. But an attraction also develops between Jim and Catherine, of which Jules is well aware. Their combined friendship is shown through their meeting, through the Great War where the two men are fighting on opposite sides, and physical separation as Jules, Catherine and Sabine move to rural Rhineland. But each person's relationship with the other two is complicated as it is not only based on their direct feelings for the person in question, but what he/she wants in life, and what the other two want and feel, which is especially important for Jim who has a serious girlfriend named Gilberte to consider as well.—Huggo
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