At War with the Army (1950)

Action, Comedy, Musical, War
Polly Bergen, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Mike Kellin
Before the war, Victor Puccinelli and Alvin Korwin were partners in a song and dance act, and friends. But now in the war as Sgt. Puccinelli and Pfc. Korwin in the same company at an army base stateside, they are finding it hard to maintain that friendship not only because of the differences in their ranks, but because of the differences in what they want being in the military which often places them at odds with each other. Vic wants to go overseas to fight in active duty, but while in the states, he, as a ladies man, has found a way to juggle several women on the go. He told Millie that he was on alert solely in wanting to break up with her in discovering she was not the brightest light in the world. And while he seems to like Helen Palmer more, he has told her the same, he dating her which is only complicated by she being the girlfriend Pvt. Jack Edwards, who wants to make Vic's life miserable when he discovers that Millie is again trying to enter his life. On the other hand, Alvin, who laments the poor quality of army food in often working mess detail, is happily married with their first child on the way, and as such all he wants is one three-day pass after another to be able to spend time at home with the family. Hijinks ensue for the pair as they try to achieve these goals within their situations while having to deal with the disparate group of other enlisted men and officers on the base.—Huggo
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