Holiday Affair (1949)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Hunt, Paula Raymond
It's the Christmas season, the busiest time of the year professionally for New York City comparison shopper Connie Ennis, a young war widow and mother to six year old Timmy Ennis. Timmy does not remember his father but is constantly reminded of him by his mother who does not want to lose his memory. For two years, Connie has dated lawyer Carl Davis, a man she loves but with who she is not in love as she was with Timmy's father. As such, she has to decide what to do about Carl's proposal of marriage, which she is contemplating accepting if only to provide a better life for Timmy who she has taught not to shoot for the moon in keeping expectations realistic. Like Connie, Timmy thinks Carl is a nice enough man, but doesn't like him enough to be a permanent part of their lives, which may solely be Connie's influence on Timmy in preserving Timmy's father's memory. In the course of her work, Connie meets Steve Mason, a department store clerk in the toy department. This job is only the latest in support of Steve's goal to become a boat builder. Connie and Steve equally upset the proverbial apple cart of each other's lives. Regardless, Connie and Steve seem not to be able not to be in each other's lives as they continually connect with each other in the lead up to Christmas. In the process, Steve falls in love with Connie, he who also proposes to her despite knowing of and actually liking Carl. What Connie decides to do about the proposals is affected by seeing the happy marriage of her former in-laws, and by what she believes would make both her and Timmy the happiest.—Huggo
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