Dracula's Daughter (1936)

Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Edward Van Sloan, Nan Grey, Otto Kruger, Marguerite Churchill
In London, two policemen find the body of a man, Renfield, with the neck broken, and Dracula with a stake through his heart. They arrest Prof. Von Helsing, who tells them he did it, and take him to Scotland Yard. The inspector Sir Basil Humphrey asks Von Helsing who might defend him and the professor asks for the psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Garth. Meanwhile, the mysterious Countess Marya Zeleska, Dracula's daughter, compels the policeman that is in charge to take care of the bodies and takes Dracula's body with her to bury him with her assistant Sandor before dawn, expecting to be released from the family's curse. In Edinburgh, Jeffrey is hunting with friends and his assistant Janet Blake comes to tell him that he has an appointment with Scotland Yard to help his friend Von Helsing. When Von Helsing tells him about Dracula, Jeffrey believes that he is obsessed with the vampire and promises to help him. During the night, he goes to a party where he meets the Hungarian Countess and he tells his theories about the vampire blood thirsty that he believes is an obsession. Now, Countess Zeleska believes that Jeffrey can heal her and release her from her blood thirst and she wants to bring him to her castle to spend eternal life with her in Transylvania.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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