King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Les Tremayne, Akiko Wakabayashi, Mie Hama, Gary Collins
The 1963 American Version:United Nations reporter Eric Carter reports on the news as he tunes into newsrooms in Chile and reports on icebergs moving from the Bering Sea. Carter also reports on the discovery of narcotic berries by a Japanese pharmaceutical company. The berries are said to be guarded by a giant god. When Tako, advertising director of the pharmaceutical company, learns of this, he decides that the monster god could be captured and used as a publicity stunt.Tako's staff member, Sakurai meets with his sister and her boyfriend Fujita, who offers Sakurai a super strong wire to take on his expedition. Meanwhile, Carter tunes into the Seahawk, a UN submarine that is patrolling the Arctic sea. The submarine then discovers an iceberg emitting a strange glow. The captain decides to submerge in order to discover the reason for the phenomenon. The Seahawk then collides with the iceberg and becomes trapped. As the sub sends a distress signal and tries to escape, a loud roar is heard. A helicopter arrives to the iceberg to try and rescue the sub. But as they get closer, the iceberg breaks apart and reveals Godzilla.Carter reports of the situation as Godzilla attacks a military base. Sick of hearing about Godzilla, Tako orders his men of to Farou Island immediately and bring back a monster of their own. Tako's men arrive on the island but are soon captured by the local natives and taken to their village. The native Chief at first bans them from the island, but by offering him some trinkets, they manage to convince him to allow them to stay for a while longer. A thunderstorm begins and the natives begin a musical ritual to appease their god.Back at the UN newsroom, Carter is joined by Dr. Arnold Johnson as the pair discuss Godzilla's arrival. Johnson makes a suggestion that electricity could be used to keep Godzilla at bay. Carter then reports on the continued expedition on Farou as the natives guide the explorers through the jungle. Thunder and a loud roar is heard that startles the crew back. With Furue getting sick, a small boy is sent to fetch some medicine made of the berry juice. While he's in the hut gathering the potion, a giant octopus approaches. The boy's mother is looking for him and enters the hut as the octopus attacks the village and they find themselves trapped within. The villagers attack the octopus, and the mother and child manage to escape. At that moment the island's god, King Kong, arrives and battles the giant octopus and sends the creature back to the sea. Feeling thirsty, Kong drinks some of the berry juice and falls asleep. The explorers take the opportunity to capture Kong as they build a raft and haul him back to Japan.Kong's capture is broadcasted by the UN news report. Dr. Johnson speculates on the mater, claiming that Kong has a larger brain than Godzilla and that the two creatures will attack each other.Meanwhile at sea, Kong's arrival is being halted due to the monster being considered a threat. In Japan, the army beings a plan of attack by trying to trapping Godzilla. As Godzilla continues inland into Japan, he attacks a train an nearly kills Sakurai's sister, before she is saved by her boyfriend. Back at sea, Tako is ordered to return Kong, who eventually beings to struggle and free himself. With no other option, they attempt to blow him up but only serve to free him.Kong soon arrives in Japan where he confronts Godzilla. As Tako and his men look on, Godzilla and Kong get into first confrontation where Godzilla burns Kong. Bemused, Kong decides heads off in a different direction. The military then attempt to trap Godzilla but it fails to hold him. They then proceeded to set up an electrical blockade of a million volts of electricity. Dr. Johnson warns that while it might repel Godzilla, the electricity might actually make Kong stronger. While the blockade manages to stop Godzilla, Kong manages to break through and proceeds into Tokyo.King Kong stops a train and captures Fujita's girlfriend and scales atop the Diet Building. The army is about to attack but are stopped by Sakurai and Fujita. They devise a plan to re-capture King Kong by making fall sleep by exploding the berry juice over him. The plan works with Sakurai's sister freed and Kong asleep. It is then decided to have Kong face Godzilla so the two monsters can destroy each other. Using Fujita's super strong wire, they attach helium balloons to the ape and lift him off towards Mount Fuji.As they reach Mount Fuji, King Kong begins to wake up as Godzilla is seen bellow. Kong lands is dropped on Godzilla as their second round begins. At first Godzilla has the upper hand with his atomic breath and strength. But when a storm begins, King Kong becomes empowered by the lightning and takes the upper hand. Eventually, both monsters fall into the ocean but only Kong is seen emerging. As everyone looks on, Cater ends his report and bids Kong farewell as the monster swims away, roaring triumphantly.
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