Two Rode Together (1961)

Action, Drama, Western
James Stewart, Dean Smith, Jeanette Nolan, Henry Brandon
Pressed into service by his superior, the immoral marshal of the 1880s Tascosa, Guthrie McCabe, resentfully accepts to negotiate and retrieve a small group of white captives taken years earlier by the Comanches' formidable chief, Quanah Parker. Accompanied by the old friend and honourable U.S. Cavalry Lieutenant, Jim Gary, McCabe who is in it for the money rather than justice, will soon find himself deep into one of the most shielded Indian territories, only to face troublesome and unanticipated complications. What happens when the prisoners refuse to be freed?—Nick Riganas
  • 1961-05-24 Released:
  • 2006-01-23 DVD Release:
  • N/A Box office:
  • N/A Writer:
  • John Ford Director:
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