Too Late for Tears (1949)

Action, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller
Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy, Denver Pyle, Dan Duryea
While married Angelenos Alan and Jane Palmer are driving along a relatively deserted highway en route to a dinner party, someone purposefully throws a briefcase into the back seat of their convertible, the briefcase which they will eventually learn contains $60,000 cash. They are aware that it was a case of mistaken identity when they are pursued by another vehicle, the driver the intended recipient of that money, they who are able to elude their pursuer. And they are also aware that the money is somehow involved in some illegal activity. While Alan believes they should turn the money in to the authorities, Jane is able to convince him to hold onto the money - hide it somewhere - for a week so that they can decide later what to do with it when their minds are clearer. In reality, Jane, without Alan's knowledge, has no intention of relinquishing the money, she believing that the only person who could identify them being their pursuer, who was too far away ever to have gotten their license plate number. Jane can admit to herself that she has never liked her middle class life, past actions, including marrying her now deceased first husband, which were an attempt for a wealthy, carefree life. When Danny Fuller, the intended recipient of that money, enters her life, Jane begins to weigh her options for the best path to keep that money, siding with whoever offers her that best path, even if it entails murder. Thrown into the mix is Alan's sister Kathy Palmer, who lives across the hall in their apartment building, she who can see that there is something not quite right going on between Alan and Jane, Kathy whose life may be in danger if Jane feels like she is being cornered by her. Kathy may get some unexpected help from a mysterious stranger who enters the scene with his own unspoken agenda.—Huggo
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