The Barkleys of Broadway (1949)

Action, Comedy, Music, Musical
Gale Robbins, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Billie Burke
In New York, on the opening night of their new show, Josh and Dinah Barkley, a husband and wife musical comedy team, quarrel when Josh accuses his wife of flirting with French playwright Jacques Pierre Barredout. Jacques has suggested to Dinah that she leave musical comedy theater to play tragic roles, but Josh wants her to continue as his partner. The following day, the Barkleys' producer, Ezra Miller, introduces the couple to the hopelessly untalented singer Shirlene May, who has been signed as Dinah's understudy. Later, at the Flandreau Art Gallery, Dinah is disgusted by a portrait of herself and Josh, and is insulted when the artist likens Josh to Svengali and implies that Dinah is under Josh's spell. One weekend, the Barkleys and Ezra visit Jacques at his country home in Danbridge, where Jacques is celebrating the completion of his new play. The play, about the life of Sarah Bernhardt, is to star Pamela Driscoll, a second-rate actress. When Dinah criticizes Jacques' casting decision, he agrees with her and tells her that she would be the better choice. Back in New York, Josh discovers that Dinah has secretly been rehearsing for the leading role in Jacques' play, and accuses her of having an affair with the playwright. The ensuing quarrel results in the Barkleys' separation and the end of their professional association. Josh performs his next show without Dinah, while Dinah continues to rehearse her part in Jacques' play. As she is unaccustomed to dramatic acting, Dinah's initial rehearsals prove disastrous. In the hopes of reuniting the Barkleys, Ezra tricks Dinah and Josh into performing together at a Mercy Hospital benefit show. The Barkleys give a crowd-pleasing performance, after which Josh suggests a reconciliation. Dinah rejects Josh's offer, though, and tells him that he has taken her for granted for too long. Josh later attends the opening night of Jacques' play and is filled with pride as he watches Dinah give a brilliant performance as Sarah Bernhardt. After the show, Dinah discovers that Josh impersonated Jacques in many telephone calls he made to her, and she decides to get even by telling him that she loves Jacques. The news leaves Josh heartbroken until Dinah confesses her trick and professes her love for him. The Barkleys celebrate their reconciliation with a dance, and they return to the stage as a dancing team.
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