I Walk Alone (1947)

Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey
Frankie Madison has just been released from prison after serving fourteen years for bootlegging, his conviction at the time of prohibition. When he was caught, he and his partner, Noll Turner - nicknamed Dink - knew that in the police pursuit one or both of them may be caught, they having made a deal right then and there to split whatever proceeds 50/50 made by a free one if and when the other was in prison. As Noll never once visited Frankie in prison, he only sending a carton of cigarettes a month, Frankie believes Noll will try to renege on their verbal deal, especially as Noll now operates a thriving nightclub. Frankie is correct especially as Noll has maneuvered behind the scenes to structure the business so that much is not in his own name, and as he has amassed a phalanx of thugs to carry out his more violent urges, some of those heavies who know and like Frankie from the old days, but who have their allegiance to Noll. What ensues is a battle between the "new ways" and the "old ways", Frankie who has no idea of the former, while Noll may have lost sight of the latter. Caught in the middle are: Dave, Noll's business manager who Frankie considers the only person from the old days in Noll's pocket that he can trust; and Kay Lawrence, the singer/pianist at the club who also happens to be Noll's girl. While Noll asked Kay to be friendly to Frankie to obtain information, she not sure about what and unaware of Frankie's recent incarceration, she ends up falling for Frankie, easier on her mind as she is aware that Noll has another woman on the side who can help him further the business, wealthy Alexis Richardson, already a "Mrs." to someone else.—Huggo
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