Cluny Brown (1946)

Action, Comedy, Romance, War
Helen Walker, Reginald Owen, Una O'Connor, Billy Gray
It's June 1938 England, a time and place when the threat of another great war looms. Czech Professor Adam Belinski, a famed writer in support of global freedom, has been able to escape his homeland and persecution by Hitler to make his way to safety in England where no such danger from Hitler exists. Cluny Brown is the orphaned niece of a plumber, she who has secretly learned the trade by watching her uncle. Adam and Cluny meet by chance at the London apartment of Hilary Ames just prior to a cocktail party Hilary is hosting. Adam is at the apartment looking for the former tenant to ask for a place to sleep and few pounds to tide him over, while Cluny is there secretly unknown to her uncle in Hilary needing a plumber. Adam is enthralled with Cluny on first sight largely because of her inhibition. Their paths cross again at Friars Carmel Manor in the English countryside, it the estate of the wealthy Carmel family. Against Cluny's wants, her uncle has arranged for her to work as an under maid there, so as to teach her her proper place in life. She finds the situation difficult if only because of her free spirit and not adhering to social convention. The manor ends up being Adam's temporary home in England on the invitation of Andrew Carmel, who mistakenly believes Adam is in danger from Hitler, it a misconception which Adam does not correct in not minding the free accommodation. Despite their roles as guest and servant, Adam befriends Cluny, and although Cluny only does view him as a friend, Adam would like her to be more than just a friend. Adam has to manipulate the situation to his advantage, which means subverting the traditional roles of lords and ladies versus the servants, throwing water on any other potential suitors for Cluny's affections, such as the officious Mr. Wilson, the local chemist, and showing Cluny his love by supporting her uninhibited nature. Further adding to the complicated situation is Andrew's want to marry socialite Betty Cream, who is playing hard to get with all her many suitors.—Huggo
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