Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1943)

Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Jon Hall, Scotty Beckett, Maria Montez, Turhan Bey
In Baghdad, in the days of the Mongol invasion lead by the cruel Hugalu Khan, the caliph Hassan is betrayed by Prince Cassim and killed by the Mongols. His son Ali, who had just pledged love to Prince Cassim's daughter Amara, escapes and accidentally finds the magic cave Sesame, the hiding place of forty thieves leaded by Baba. Ali is adopted by Baba, who assigns the strong Abdullah to protect him. For ten years, the Mongols held Baghdad, and Ali Baba becomes the leader of the forty thieves, now beloved by the population for challenging the invaders. When the thieves acknowledge that a caravan is bringing Lady Amara to marry the tyrant Hugalu Khan, Ali Baba meets her bathing and does not recognize her. The Mongols capture him and he believes she betrayed him. Amara's servant Jamiel helps Ali Baba, and the thieves rescue him in Baghdad and abduct Amara. In the garden of Prince Cassim's garden, they have recollections of their childhood, but they do not recognize each other. When Ali finds the truth, he fights for his love and for the freedom of Baghdad.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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