Edge of Darkness (1943)

Action, Drama, War
Ruth Gordon, Henry Brandon, Tom Fadden, Errol Flynn
1942. The Nazis have occupied Norway for two years, Captain Koenig the commandant in the small fishing village of Trollness, population 800. He has grander visions for himself in what he considers real battles against other military men, he trusting that the plan he has mapped out for Nazi occupation in all territories which he has sent to Berlin for consideration will result in his transfer from this outpost. He is aware of the quiet or not so quiet resistance of the town's citizens, about who he is not concerned beyond being pests in the 150 Nazi troops being able to contain them, especially as the citizens as a collective are afraid of death. The town's resistance leaders are Gunnar Brogge, the fishing union head, and his girlfriend, Karen Stensgard, the two who met because of this work. Their relationship does not sit well with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Martin Stensgard, who want to exist like life was before the Nazi occupation. Within her family, Karen takes even more issue with her maternal uncle, Kaspar Torgersen, the owner of the local cannery, he the town's highest profile Nazi sympathizer who is solely looking out for his own business interests, and her brother Johann Stensgard, an Oslo-based student who supported the Nazis when they first invaded Norway. When the town's resistance learns of the tragic fate of a similar town at the hands of the Nazis, and that the British are covertly supplying arms to the citizens of all towns up and down the coast, Gunnar, Karen and not only the rest of the resistance but the town's citizenry as a whole have to decide how best to proceed in defeating the Nazis to regain the Norway they love, but also who they can and cannot trust among their own ranks, those that use such information to report back to the Nazis disparagingly referred to as quislings. They also have to decide if they as a collective are willing to lay their individual lives on the line for that end goal.—Huggo
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