Each Dawn I Die (1939)

Action, Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
James Cagney, Raymond Bailey, Victor Jory, George Raft
The investigative reporter Frank Ross (James Cagney) finds evidence of corruption against a powerful politician Jesse Hanley (Thurston Hall) that is candidate to Governor in the elections. Hanley sends his gangsters to catch Frank and frame him. They knock him out, soak him with whiskey and put him unconscious in a moving car which hits another and kills the driver and two passengers. Frank can not prove that he is innocent and is sentenced to 20 years of hard labor in Rocky Point Prison. The newspaper editor tries to find evidence of Frank's innocence while he befriends the gangster Stacey (George Raft) who was sentenced to 199 years. Stacey asks Frank to help him to be accused of a crime which he had not committed since he has planned to escape from the courthouse. In return, he would help to find who had framed him using his contacts in the underworld. Will Stacey really find the responsible party for the frame-up?—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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