Of Human Bondage (1934)

Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Bette Davis, Reginald Owen, Kay Johnson, Alan Hale
Philip Carey is a medical student of limited means who is particularly self-conscious about his clubfoot. When a fellow student wants to impress a waitress in a local restaurant, Philip goes along to show him how to make small talk with someone you're attracted to. The woman in question is Mildred Rogers, an attractive girl who gets the attention of many customers, particularly the wealthy Emil Miller. Philip takes an immediate liking to her and asks her out. It soon becomes obvious to everyone except Philip that Mildred is manipulative and using him, as he spends money on her and treats her well. She refuses his marriage proposal, saying she is marrying somebody else, but months later she is back on his doorstep, pregnant and homeless. This will not be the last time she seeks his help only to abandon him when a better proposition comes along. Through it all, Philip remains steadfast, honest, and caring although it is all to his detriment.—garykmcd
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