Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell, Lionel Atwill
It's the new year in New York City, and the London Wax Museum is preparing for its grand opening. Ralph Burton works as one in the stable of sculptors at the museum, all under the direction of its wheelchair-bound owner and chief designer, Ivan Igor, who suffered his injuries, including to his hands, in a fire twelve years ago at the former London Wax Museum in London. Renowned within the business at the time for his mastery of the craft but not so much by the public who were craving the gruesome as opposed to the historical as he favored, Igor fought against his business partner at the time, Joe Worth, who started the fire for the insurance moneys. When Igor meets Ralph's girlfriend, Charlotte Duncan, he knows she has to model for him in she being the spitting image of his most cherished work, that of Marie Antoinette, which perished in the fire. Meanwhile, Charlotte's tough talking and cynical roommate Florence, a newspaper reporter on the verge of losing her job if she doesn't come up with a newsworthy story, is working on what she believes is that job-saving story: that socialite Joan Gray's death, initially ruled a suicide, is now thought to be murder, the chief suspect millionaire playboy George Winton. While not questioning the murder angle, Florence is certain that Winton did not do it. In her investigation, Florence is led to the museum. That investigation in addition to the legacy of the former museum places both her and Charlotte's lives in danger.—Huggo
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