Night Nurse (1931)

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Barbara Stanwyck, Clark Gable, Joan Blondell, Allan Lane
Despite being turned down by Miss Dillon, the head nurse, as she doesn't have the necessary qualifications, penniless yet streetwise Lora Hart is able to use her charms on Dr. Arthur Bell, the chief of staff, to obtain a position as a probation nurse at the hospital. She ends up rooming in the nurses' quarters with fellow probation nurse, cynical Miss Maloney, who takes Lora under her wings. They are assigned to the night shift for four weeks, a shift where the criminal element is more likely to come into the emergency ward. It is there that Lora meets a bootlegger named Mortie, who falls for her after she risks her job to help him. In her first post-graduation assignment, Lora is sent into the private care of two children, sisters Desney and Nanny Ritchey, just released from hospital for anemia. Lora is alarmed by the care provided by the attending physician, Dr. Milton Ranger, who seems to be starving the children to death. Lora can't report him without risking her career and while still not saving the children as it's her word against his, a respected doctor. She has to find out what's going on, which seems to have something to do with the children's continually drunk and partying mother, and her chauffeur, Nick. Lora may get some help from someone who knows more about dealing with the criminal element than her.—Huggo
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