Frankenstein (1931)

Action, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Boris Karloff, Edward Van Sloan, Colin Clive, Mae Clarke
With the exception of his assistant Fritz, Dr. Henry Frankenstein has isolated himself from his family, friends and colleagues, including from his wealthy father Baron Frankenstein, his mentor Dr. Waldman, his best friend Victor Moritz, and his fiancée Elizabeth to who he was supposed to get married imminently. Unknown to them, what Dr. Frankenstein is doing with Fritz's assistance is work on a secret project. Using different parts from different dead people, he has stitched together a human, the most important component being the brain. Frankenstein's end goal is to show that he can make this stitched together being alive, in essence not reanimating a dead person, but rather making a live human as this creature was not human to begin with. Frankenstein is able to achieve his dream. Upon learning what Frankenstein has done, his friends, family and colleagues, especially Dr. Waldman, believe that he is treading in dangerous territory in creating what they believe is a monster, not only because of the nature of the project itself, but because the brain used, one stolen from Waldman's own laboratory, was "abnormal" in that it belonged to a criminal. What happens with the live creature may be a function of what he is taught, including how he is treated, than any evil inherent within him because of the brain. What happens may also affect Frankenstein and Elizabeth's marriage.—Huggo
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